Malone Private Investigator Series


When a veteran L.A.P.D. homicide detective opens up a cold as ice, 23-year-old unsolved murder case, he runs head-on into powerful forces inside the department who want him to let sleeping dogs here for more

A drop-dead gorgeous blonde socialite, with a penchant for seduction and with secrets to keep, pays a visit to the office of Los Angeles private eye Ben here for more

One of Tinseltown's brightest stars has been murdered. The accused is her estranged husband, and the situation doesn't look good. A knock on the office door of Los Angeles private eye Ben Malone can only mean one thing, a new here for more

Los Angeles PI Ben Malone is good at finding things. When a stolen diamond surfaces from a 15-year-old diamond heist, the insurance company that swallowed the loss wants to hire Malone to find the here for more

Malone enters the dark world of drugs, pimps, and sexual exploitation in search of a missing teenage here for more

Private eye Ben Malone's search for a sweet young thing's estranged husband leads him south of the border into deception, fraud, and here for more

Malone is hired to protect an investigative reporter looking into a self-help group that her source claims is really a sadistic sex cult that exploits its female her for more

When two young Kardashian-like sisters, Brentwood debutantes, go missing, their father calls in Malone to find them. The client, the ultra-wealthy owner of Los Angeles’ largest here for more

A lawyer hires Malone to intercept a woman at the Los Angeles International Airport, to tail her to her destination, and then report back to him. The thing is, nothing seems to make sense, until it’s too late. here to read more

T.J. O'Sullivan Thrillers


When Los Angeles private detective T. J. O'Sullivan is sent to Honolulu by her boss to track down a client's missing daughter, the case becomes a regular mare's nest of extortion, betrayal, and here for more


Honolulu PI T. J. O'Sullivan, follows the trail of a con man to Hong Kong hoping to recover her client's half a million dollars' worth of stolen jewelry and runs headlong into a deadly clash with an international crime here for more


An upmarket antique shop owner hires T. J. O'Sullivan to track down a rare three-thousand-year-old Chinese artifact worth over half a million dollars that has gone missing from her here for more


Kiwi expat and private investigator T. J. O’Sullivan is hired by a Texas rodeo performer to locate his missing sister, but T. J. soon discovers there is more to the case than meets the here for more

Howard Drew Series

A newly-minted LAPD homicide detective learns the murder investigation trade under the guidance of his seasoned West Bureau partner in the first novel of the Howard Drew here for more

When a 3 A.M. callout sends West Bureau homicide Detective Howard Drew to an overlook above Hollywood Bowl, he finds an Asian woman and her six-year-old daughter here to read more


When LAPD Detective Howard Drew gets a DNA cold hit and reopens a 21-year-old murder investigation, once again he comes face to face with the darker angels of human here to read more


Temporary assignment to the LAPD’s elite Homicide Special Section puts Drew into the midst of media firestorm when he is given the lead on the homicide investigation after someone shoots to here to read more

Owen Wolfe Mysteries

Dark Road

Episode 1:  Dallas police homicide detective Owen Wolfe resigns after his partner is murdered. He returns to his West Texas hometown to bury his guilt and here for more

Someone's Daughter

Episode 2:  An attractive young woman with no I.D. shows up dead on the side of a highway with money swirling about her body like autumn leaves. Wolfe quickly surmises she was an exotic here for more



Episode 3:  When a Kimble art gallery goes up in flames with the owner and his prized art collection inside, Wolfe believes it's more than just a suicide. The team soon realizes that things are not what they here for more


Episode 4:  When a ranch hand finds the bodies of two murdered men in a stock tank, Wolfe and his team are sucked into the world of a Mexican drug cartel where everyone wants a piece of the here for more

The Coyote

Episode 5:  Wolfe and his team fear there is a sex offender at work when Perdido County Hispanic children turn up missing. Quickly they learn an animal is responsible, the human here for more



Episode 6:  When a mountain lion starts preying on livestock, Wolfe investigates only to discover the mangled corpse of a young woman. Quickly he learns the woman died at the hands of predators far worse than any her for more



Episode 7:  When a robbery results in the murder of a Kimble business owner, Wolfe and his deputies start investigating only to learn it seems the killer's motive had nothing to do with here for more


First 48

Episode 8: Owen Wolfe and the team respond to the scene of an unattended death. When what appears to be an accidental death starts to look more like a murder, the team starts looking for a here for more

Election Day

Episode 9:  When election day rolls around, Wolfe learns whether he will continue his tenure as sheriff. Meanwhile, sassy Latina Deputy Olivia Alvarez recovers a stolen gun used in two unsolved here for more


A Damn Shame

Episode 10:

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