Hamstrung by budget cuts thanks to the “defund the police movement,”the LAPD Robbery-Homicide Division’s Homicide Special Section is caught short-handed when a North Hollywood murder involving a celebrity actor goes down. The RHD commander pulls Detective Howard Drew and his partner Amy Li from Open-Unsolved to handle the investigation.

Temporary assignment to the elite Homicide Special Section puts Drew into the midst of a media firestorm when he is given the lead on the homicide investigation after someone shoots to death the wife of a famous Hollywood actor outside a popular Studio City restaurant. It’s been a while since Drew and his partner at Open-Unsolved have caught a fresh kill, but Howard is determined to make the most of the unexpected opportunity. The moment he arrives at the scene, Howard quickly discovers something about the case doesn’t add up. The actor gives his statement, but the evidence tells an entirely different story.

Just when Drew thinks he’s building momentum with the case, things go sideways when an old nemesis in command blind sides him. At odds with his superiors, and distracted by a simmering romance that starts to boil in the middle of the investigation, Howard is as off balance as he’s ever been. Running on instincts and his commitment to getting justice for every victim, with everything to lose, Drew must prove himself not just by clearing the case, but by surviving it.

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