Published November 14, 2017

ISBN 13: 978-0692985885

ISBN 10: 9780692985885

Type: Print

Binding: Hardcover/Paperback

Pages: 306

Imprint: Fedora Press

Malone Novels, Book 3

Someone was definitely feeling stabby when they plunged a steak knife into the chest of one of Tinseltown’s brightest stars…

Not once, but four times—leaving the starlet’s beautiful face frozen in the last moment of a violent death, lips slightly parted, after her last breath escaped…
But who murdered Holly Sutherland?

LAPD murder cops are sure Sutherland’s estranged husband, bad-boy actor Zack Sinclair, stabbed her to death—so sure, they arrested and charged him—saying Sinclair had the means, opportunity, and definitely a motive. As Sutherland’s lone heir, he’s in line to inherit her multi-million dollar estate, and he’s desperate for money. Sinclair hasn’t made a picture in years. He’s broke and owes his bookie a quarter-million dollar gambling debt. The situation looks bleak for Zack Sinclair, whose appetites for booze, gambling, and extramarital sex are as out-sized as his ego.

But his attorney, Liz Harper, a top LA criminal defense lawyer, says not so fast. Convinced her client didn’t do it, she hires Malone to find out who did. Malone, a former LAPD homicide detective turned private investigator, is skeptical. He isn’t interested in helping another famous, and guilty Hollywood celebrity beat a murder rap. But he can’t say no to Liz Harper, so he reluctantly takes the case.

Malone searches for the truth, but soon ends up with more questions than answers in what turns into the most baffling of murder mysteries. With each step, each new clue uncovered, he unravels more startling facts that lead him to one conclusion: Zack Sinclair might be innocent, the victim of an elaborate frame job. As he probes deeper into the sinister underbelly beneath Hollywood’s facade of glitz and glamour looking for the truth, Malone touches a nerve, putting himself in the crosshairs of the boss of a dangerous organized crime syndicate determined to shut down his investigation. He faces his greatest challenge, and the clock is running out for Zack Sinclair.




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