An insurance fraud investigation becomes more complicated than it first appeared when Bishop suspects a missing man declared dead is still very much alive.

Bishop runs into more trouble in paradise when an attractive young woman, Gemma Nelson, hires him to prove her ex-lover’s jealous wife murdered him after learning about the affair. But when Rick investigates, he soon suspects the woman’s lover, Jeffrey Adam Marks, isn’t dead at all, but only faked his death. When Bishop tells his client what he’s discovered and suspects, Nelson stiffs him by leaving town in a hurry without paying his fee.

Hoping to salvage something from the case, Bishop goes to the life insurance company who paid out the death benefit on Marks’ life insurance policy. Rick offers to prove the man faked his death and defrauded the company in return for a percentage of any money recovered. Bishop then tracks Nelson to Lahaina, the largest town in West Maui, where it seems everyone except a local starving artist, Cara Thompson, wants Bishop gone from the town immediately, and doesn’t particularly care whether he leaves alive or dead.


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