Published: January 1, 2017

ISBN 13: 978-0692817223

ISBN 10: 0692817220

Type: Print

Binding: Hardcover/Paperback

Pages: 284

Edition: 1

Imprint: Fedora Press



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After his involvement in a third fatal police-involved shooting in less than a year, the department brass decides to temporarily reassign him from Hollywood Division to Robbery-Homicide Division's Cold Case Homicide Special Section while he undergoes mandatory evaluation by a department shrink aimed at determining whether Malone is too quick to use deadly force.

While reviewing cold case files Malone comes across an unsolved 23-year-old homicide case where a woman was found brutally murdered inside her Los Angeles townhouse in 1992. The original police investigators concluded that she was killed during a burglary gone sideways. The leads were thin and the case went cold when no viable suspects were identified.

After reviewing the murder book, Malone realizes that for some unexplained reason the original detectives assigned the case never looked beyond the flawed "burglary gone bad" theory of how and why the murder occurred. The more he studies the case, the more obsessed Malone becomes with solving it. When it becomes evident that his supervisor won't authorize re-opening the case, Malone chooses to skirt department policy and embarks on an unofficial investigation into the old case. Soon thereafter Malone finds himself in serious trouble and his problems begin to mount. It soon becomes apparent that there are some powerful forces at work, aimed at derailing his efforts to solve the decades-old murder.

The forces arrayed against Malone, both inside and outside the LAPD, will stop at nothing to prevent the truth about the murder from seeing the light of day. Malone, however, refuses to let sleeping dogs lie. The more barriers and obstacles that are thrown up in his path, the more determined he becomes to break the case, come what may. Even if it costs him his police career.

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