Coming This Spring

The Chinese Tiger Ying is the third novel in the thrilling T. J. O'Sullivan Private Eye Series. If you like clever female sleuths and page-turning action with plenty of twists and turns, then you’ll love this suspense-filled private detective story.

Brandi Camargo runs Makana Antiques and Treasures, an upmarket antique shop in Honolulu. She hires T. J. O'Sullivan to track down a rare three-thousand-year-old Chinese artifact worth over half a million dollars that has gone missing from her store. The artifact, called Tiger Ying, is on consignment from Austin Bryce, a private collector of antiquities, and Camargo's most valued client.

When Bryce learns of the theft, he shows up at the shop and after castigating Camargo for her negligence, takes back another of his objets d'art, a bronze statue of the deity Quan Yin, the Chinese goddess of mercy, which Camargo finds most upsetting. Bryce leaves after vowing to return and remove the rest of the items he has entrusted to Camargo on consignment for an upcoming antiquities auction.

O'Sullivan starts her investigation looking for a man named Lee Tran who Camargo fingers as the most likely suspect. That turns into a dead end when he's fished out of the Ala Wai Canal with a bullet in him. Back to square one, T. J. turns her attention to the "usual suspects," close acquaintances of Camargo who may have had access to the antique shop. But, then she discovers that Austin Bryce is planning to leave town with his collection for a mainland auction and starts to believe Bryce may have staged the theft of Tiger Ying himself.

When circumstances force T. J. to turn to her ex-boyfriend, Honolulu homicide detective Mike Young to try and find out what happened to Tiger Ying, she finds him less than eager to help. When she pays a call on Young, they learn a home invasion of Bryce's residence has been reported. Detective Young and T. J. rush to the scene only to make a startling discovery that might break the case wide open when the evidence points them toward a new and unexpected suspect in both the theft of Tiger Ying and the murder of Lee Tran.