Published: February 25, 2019

ISBN 13: 978-1-7327169-8-8

Type: Print

Binding: Hardcover

Pages: 220

Edition: 1

Imprint: Fedora Press



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ISBN: 978-1-7976504-5-6


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Here is the novel that reveals tough-as-nails Honolulu private detective T.J. O’Sullivan’s softer, sexier side-the third book in an action-packed detective mystery series.

T.J. is on the trail of a stolen ancient Chinese cultural relic called Tiger Ying when she finds herself entangled in a steamy love triangle, dating two good-looking sexy men at the same time. T.J. isn’t always right, but she is never indecisive. She isn’t looking to choose. She wants to keep them both. But can she juggle two lovers and still find the time to solve the case of The Chinese Tiger Ying?

New Zealand expat and Honolulu private detective T.J. O’Sullivan is good at finding things-whether it’s missing persons, stolen jewels, or the evidence that outs a cheating spouse. When a Honolulu antiques and cultural artifacts dealer hires T.J. to find a stolen three-thousand year old Chinese cultural relic called Tiger Ying, she gets busy looking. But that’s not all T.J. is looking to find.

Sunk deep in the despair fueled by her romantic obsession with a former colleague Ben Malone, T.J. is desperate to find a way to lift her sagging spirits and someone to fill the gaping romantic void in her life. Enter Nick, a gorgeous guy T.J. runs into working her case. He seems to tick all the boxes, offering exactly what she thinks she needs-a casual, unstructured relationship with heaps of NSA intimacy. But just when things seem to go so right it gets complicated.

T.J. hooks up with her Honolulu detective ex-boyfriend who is helping with her case. Before she knows it she’s dating two hotties at the same time and loving every delicious moment. T.J. isn’t trapped in indecision. She has no intention of making a choice. Instead, she is stubbornly determined to hang on to both men. The two of them are so different, but both have qualities that spark her interest and her passions.

Can T.J. find time to focus on solving her case while juggling two seriously hot lovers? Worse yet, will the lies and sneaking around catch up to her in the end causing her romantic life to implode, leaving her back where she started, sad and alone?

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