ISBN: 979-8-9850565-7-0 (eBook)

Frisky Business is crime fiction author Larry Darter’s fourth novel featuring T. J. O’Sullivan, sassy New Zealand expat and no-nonsense Honolulu private investigator.

In Frisky Business, when T. J. O’Sullivan agrees to help a visiting Texas rodeo cowboy find his little sister who has gone missing in Honolulu, she soon has reason to regret it. First, after starting the search, she learns her client is broke and can’t pay her. But a deal is a deal, baby. So T. J. keeps looking. Next, O’Sullivan discovers there is much more to the story than her client told her when she stumbles into two murders and onto some shocking photos that smell strongly of blackmail.

As T. J. spirals ever deeper into a seedy and more than a little dangerous world of heroin trafficking, pornography, and extortion, she soon finds herself up against a ruthless criminal syndicate far more powerful than she is. But when trouble calls at T. J. O’Sullivan’s door, she doesn’t wilt into some damsel in distress looking for a knight to ride to her rescue. She’s becomes a woman looking for a sword. While T. J. may not have the firepower to go toe to toe with the crims, she’s far too stubborn to give them what they want.

Almost when it’s too late, T. J. figures out a pair of siblings with a shared secret have lured her into a treacherous situation. It seems her only hopes for survival rest on hanging on by her fingernails until the unscrupulous destroy themselves. But can T. J. stay alive long enough to see it?

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