Kiwi expat and private investigator T.J. O’Sullivan is hired by a Honolulu heiress to get the goods on her philandering husband, a yoga guru, when the case turns out to be more than meets the eye.

First T.J. runs head-on into a culture of sexual roguery at the dodgy yoga school her client’s husband helps run.  Then posing undercover as a student at a yoga retreat T.J. gets recruited into an Ashley Madison-like online dating site run by a sleazy psychotherapist who espouses a philosophy of female empowerment through non-monogamy relationships.

The complications pile up as T.J. gets distracted by both hunky suitors on the dating site and her client’s own attorney who is keen to seduce her and seems unwilling to take no for an answer.

Once her client’s husband is found murdered, and she deciphers a disturbing mystery behind the dating website, T.J. tries to solve the murder while up against a hostile female police detective with an axe to grind, buried secrets, and desperate men intent on keeping their scheme that exploits attractive yoga students for sex and money hush-hush.

As the case unravels, will T.J. be able to solve the murder and expose the dastardly evildoers before she completely loses the plot and maybe her own soul?