The Dedman Ascendancy

Jacob Dedman thought he had left his troubled past behind him, and is living a happy, tranquil life in Bangkok, Thailand with his girlfriend, Drita Nikoli. But when a false calling card implicates him in a high-profile assassination, their tranquility gets abruptly shattered. Once again, the target of a CIA international manhunt, Dedman must fight back against the shadowy forces seeking to destroy him and clear his name by unmasking the true culprits behind the deadly conspiracy. In a thrilling tale of deception and redemption, Dedman navigates a treacherous world of secrets and betrayal to uncover the truth and exact his revenge against those who would see him fall. Join Dedman on a pulse-pounding journey of moral ascendancy of good over evil as he seeks to expose the dark forces at play in a world where nothing is as it seems.