Dying Wish

T.J. O'Sullivan Series, Book 6

When a dying prison inmate puts T.J. on the trail of stolen jewelry, what she uncovers is an old mystery waiting to be unraveled. Prison walls often hold secrets, but in the heart of the convicted conman lies the fervent hope of trading a secret for a small act of final redemption.

Prison chaplain Father Patrick Dailey at Halawa Correctional Facility calls T.J., a former New Zealand police detective turned Honolulu private investigator. Aging conman and career criminal Martin Cole, an inmate at the prison, wants to see T.J. urgently. Cole is serving a sentence for an insurance fraud conviction from a case T.J. helped break years earlier. While mildly curious about why Cole wants to see her, T.J. is reluctant to pay him a visit. However, when she learns from the chaplain that Cole is on his deathbed, T.J. relents and steps into the shadows of the prison hospital ward to see him.

When Cole divulges information about an unsolved jewelry heist and names the man responsible, T.J. knows she can’t ignore the dying inmate’s plea for help. Carrying out Cole’s last request sets her on the trail of the ex-con Cole believes pulled the heist and has the stolen jewelry. As she works to uncover the truth and recover the jewelry, T.J. runs headlong into some dangerous adversaries who want the truth to stay buried and the mystery to remain unsolved and are more than willing to kill to make sure they do.