Rick Bishop, Honolulu P.I. series, #4

NCIS is after millions in stolen government money from a holdup, and they aren’t the only ones…

When an old friend asks Honolulu private investigator Rick Bishop to free a man locked in the closet of his downtown office before running away with men in hot pursuit, Rick discovers that the friend’s successful investment firm is only an elaborate front. Once he learns NCIS suspects his friend was part of a crew that stole a shipment of government money in a heist during the war in Afghanistan, Bishop joins the search for his friend and millions in loot. Along the way, he encounters the robbers who threaten him, a beautiful girl who charms him into helping the friend, and an NCIS special agent determined to use him to find the friend and the money.

Bishop’s friend needs his help if he’s going to survive. But Bishop faces hard choices when the criminals abduct the captivating, attractive woman. Can Bishop save his friend and recover the money before the bad guys get them both?

Readers who like Tom Selleck’s Thomas Magnum character in the original Magnum, P.I. television series will enjoy crime fiction author Larry Darter’s dramatic but comically toned Rick Bishop private investigator series, full of thrills, suspense, and lightheartedness. Dive into Follow the Money, and meet Rick Bishop, the Honolulu P.I. who lives in a cheap apartment instead of on a beachfront estate and drives a beat-up Toyota, not a Ferrari.

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