Malone Private Investigator Series

The Malone Private Investigator Series follows the exploits and adventures of Los Angeles private eye Ben Malone. Malone is a tough-as-nails, modern-day knight errant-type cast in the mold of Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe.

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T.J. O'Sullivan Detective Thriller Series

T.J. O'Sullivan, a young sassy Honolulu private eye who hails from New Zealand is the main character in this new series of crime thrillers. T.J. first appeared in the Malone series before getting a series of her own.

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Howard Drew Poilce Procedural Series

A new series featuring Howard Drew, a contemporary LAPD homicide detective on the cutting edge of the suspense and tragedy intertwined in the everyday lives of the cops and residents of Los Angeles.

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Serial Fiction

Perdido County

Perdido County   is a new neo-Western serial crime fiction novel that focuses on Sheriff Owen Wolfe, rebuilding his personal life and law enforcement career in a West Texas county after a personal tragedy. It's also a new way to read a novel for time-challenged readers. The first episode, Dark Road   premiered May 14, 2019. New episodes will be released every two weeks after Dark Road until all ten episodes have been published. First eight episodes available now on Amazon

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