Sins of the Past

Coming in 2025

Howard Drew #6

Murders in South Central Los Angeles are nothing new, but when another young black woman turns up dead in a garbage-strewn alley, the city is on the brink of chaos. The year is 2023, just three years removed from the violent protests following George Floyd’s death. Tensions are high and the LAPD is under intense scrutiny by neighborhood activists, the media, and the politicians. To push back on accusations LAPD is neglecting South Central homicides, Deputy Chief Charles Thompson hand picks Detective Howard Drew to lead an elite Homicide Special team. Drew must navigate a minefield of decades old suspicion and hate as he races against time to catch a terrifying serial killer. With the media nickname “Grim Reaper Sleeper,” the killer has been targeting poor, black, drug-addicted prostitutes for two decades. After an unexplained fourteen year break, the killer is back to the same grisly work. As the bodies pile up and the city threatens to erupt, Drew knows he must stop the killer before the city again explodes with the sounds of sirens and breaking glass, the smell of smoke, and the sight of faces contorted in rage, something Los Angeles has seen all too often before.