by Larry Darter


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(as practiced by the Mafia) a code of silence about criminal activity and a refusal to give evidence to authorities.
"loyal to the oath of omertà"

A newly-minted LAPD homicide detective learns the murder investigation trade under the guidance of his seasoned West Bureau partner in the first novel of the Howard Drew series. Michael Connelly fans mourning the impending retirement of his iconic LAPD homicide detective character, Harry Bosch, may find newcomer Howie Drew a worthy successor with his whole career still ahead of him.

For brand new LAPD homicide detective Howard "Howie" Drew, the body of a semi-famous writer found shot to death on Christmas Eve in the bedroom of her Benedict Canyon home is more than a crime statistic. She is the victim of his first murder investigation.

Fiona Silverman was reared in the lap of New York City luxury as the daughter of John "Sonny" Silverman, a notorious Gambino family mafia underboss. It wasn't until she had graduated college with a journalism degree, well after her father's death, that she learned what her father's business had truly been.

As a journalist, she dedicated her life to learning and writing about organized crime and its underworld chieftains, ultimately publishing a critically acclaimed memoir about growing up in a mob family. Her story took a bizarre turn in the 1980s when the wife of an erstwhile friend she met in college, heir to a New York real estate empire, mysteriously disappeared. New York authorities suspected Silverman's friend Bill had murdered his wife and disappeared her body. But due to a lack of evidence, they never mounted a case against him. Shortly after they reopened the case investigation in 2019, Fiona Silverman was found shot in the back of the head, mob execution-style. There was no forced entry, no robbery, and nothing missing from her home.

Brand new LAPD homicide detective Howard Drew and his veteran partner Rudy Ortega get the case, Drew's first murder investigation. It turns out to be a complex one. Little physical evidence is found at the murder scene, leaving the LAPD detectives with far more questions than answers. Was Silverman's murder a mob hit? Did she know her killer? Was the killing somehow connected with the disappearance of her best friend's wife nearly twenty years past? Drew and his partner Rudy Ortega go on the hunt for a killer.

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