A Jacob Dedman Short Story

by Larry Darter
Former U.S. Army Ranger Jacob Dedman embarks on his first CIA mission after completing intense paramilitary special operations training. Tasked with assassinating a tin-pot dictator cozying up to the Russians and communist Chinese, Dedman soon realizes there’s more to the mission than meets the eye. As he navigates unforeseen challenges and life-threatening situations, Dedman must rely on his wits and instincts to survive. Will he emerge victorious or become a casualty of his own mission?
Format: PDF and eBook
Published February 25, 2024
Imprint Fedora Press
48 pages

The Third Option is a short story prequel to The Dedman Emergence, the first novel in the Dedman series. It is available free and exclusively to members of the VIP Readers newsletter community. This short story will not be published elsewhere. Not a member? Subscribe at right and get your free copy instantly in your preferred format.