Episode six of the brand new modern-day American West crime fiction serial novel series that fans of Nevada Barr, Robert B. Parker, and Craig Johnson will love.

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Coming July 16, 2016


Episode 6:  Predators

In Predators, the sixth action-packed episode of Perdido County, after the body of a young woman mauled by a cougar is discovered, Wolfe and his team embark on a hunt for predators, the human kind.

When the body of a young woman is discovered mauled by a mountain lion on the range of a local ranch miles from any residence, Texas’ Perdido County Sheriff Owen Wolfe finds evidence the victim was murdered before her body was ravaged by the cougar. Just as they start to focus on the victim’s boyfriend as a person of interest in the case, Wolfe and the team learn the muder may be connected with a trio of violent convicts recently escaped from a West Texas prison.

Besides another murder case to solve, Wolfe has his first run in with wealthy oilman Patrick Carpenter, the father of Deputy Chase Carpenter, Wolfe’s rival for the office of sheriff in the upcoming election. Then he crosses paths once again with another nemesis, Dallas police detective Brian Murphy who is convinced Wolfe is responsible for a Dallas murder he is investigating.


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