owen-wolfe-mysteries Owen Wolfe Series

Perdido County is the first book in a brand new series and a new experimental project in serial crime fiction. It is an American Western crime fiction novel set in modern-day West Texas in fictional Perdido County.

Instead of being published as a traditional novel, Perdido County will be published as a serial. Over the course of the summer of 2019, the book will be published in ten separate episodes. The first episode “A Dark Road” will be published in May 2019. The second episode will be published a week a later. Then a new episode will be published every two weeks until all ten are completed.

A serial novel is not a longish novel simply chopped into parts. There will be an overarching plot to the full novel, but each episode will be a satisfying, stand alone read of its own with its own mini plot. A good way to think of serial fiction is it’s like a television series, only you read the series instead of watching it.

Many readers appreciate serial fiction because it offers a quicker way to read. Instead of committing hours to read a novel, you can read a serial episode in minutes. Now a little about the series and the main character.

Owen Wolfe is a man in need of psychic repair. He quits his job as a Dallas police homicide detective after his partner is murdered and returns to his hometown in Perdido County to bury his pain and guilt in the bottle.

When longtime family friend, Perdido County Sheriff Emory “Bud” Frazer learns Wolfe is back home, he decides to do what he can to save the son of his best friend from depression and alcohol. Facing treatment for prostate cancer, Frazer persuades Wolfe to sign on as acting sheriff to finish out Frazer’s last term.

Wolfe reluctantly accepts the job as a favor to Frazer though he had previously decided he was through as a peace officer. Immediately he faces his first test as acting sheriff when a man is gunned down near the Mexican border. Once immersed in the murder investigation Wolfe’s instincts and experience kick in. In the course of solving the murders he starts to work through his emotional issues and resolves to rebuild his career as a peace officer and to clean up his life.


Episode 1:  Dark Road (Published)

Episode 2:  Someone’s Daughter (Published)

Episode 3:  Illusions (Published)

Episode 4:  Fentanyl (Published)

Episode 5:  The Coyote (Published)

Episode 6:  Predators (Published)

Episode 7:  Misdirection (Published)

Episode 8:  First 48 (Published)

Episode 9:  Election Day (Published)

Episode 10:  A Damn Shame (Coming Soon)