Episode two of the brand new modern-day American West crime fiction serial novel series that fans of Nevada Barr, Robert B. Parker, and Craig Johnson will love.

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Episode 2: Someone’s Daughter

Ex-Dallas homicide detective Owen Wolfe settles into his new job as a West Texas Sheriff in this action-packed second episode of Perdido County, a new modern-day American West crime fiction serial novel.

When an attractive young woman with no identification shows up dead on the side of a Perdido County highway with money swirling in the West Texas breeze about her body like autumn leaves, the cash and other clues lead Sheriff Owen Wolfe to surmise the victim was an exotic dancer.

A clue found on the woman’s body leads to a strip club in border town across the Rio Grande. Wolfe and Deputy Olivia Alvarez cross the border to “Boystown” in an attempt to learn the victim’s identity.

As Wolfe and his team of deputies continue to follow the clues, it becomes apparent the woman’s connections to the LDS church may play a major role in her death. Wolfe won’t rest until he finds the young woman’s killer. After all, she was someone’s daughter.


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