T.J. O’Sullivan Thrillers

T.J. O’Sullivan is a sassy Kiwi private eye and heroine of the T.J. O’Sullivan Series set in Honolulu, Hawaii. She first appeared in Cold Comfort, the third novel in the Malone Private Investigator Series and continues to appear in the Malone novels from time to time.

Smart, sassy, and tough as old boots, T.J. takes a no-nonsense approach to solving the cases that come her way. She often applies the skills she acquired as an ex-New Zealand Detective Constable and former member of the New Zealand Defense Force with combat experience to bring the bad guys to justice.

After her American husband was killed on a mission to Afghanistan by a suicide bomber, T.J. operated a VIP personal protection service in Los Angeles until she met Malone. After helping Malone take down some Italian mobsters (Cold Comfort), T.J. went to work full-time for Malone and earned her private detective license.

When Malone sent her to Hawaii on a missing person case (Mare’s Nest), after solving the case T.J. decided to relocate to Honolulu to open her own private investigations firm. The move was partly motivated by the fact that T.J. had fallen in love with Malone, who was in a committed relationship and would likely never be available to reciprocate her affections.

The series began with Mares Nest, published in March 2018, which is the story of O’Sullivan’s first case in Honolulu. The electronic version of Mare’s Nest is available free at your favorite eBook retailer. The second novel, Honolulu Blues was released in October 2018, and is also available in electronic and print versions from all major booksellers.