Strange Bedfellows (Malone Mystery Novels Book 9)

As usual, Malone enters a case at an angle, this time because a disingenuous wife hires him to prove that her philandering movie mogul husband is cheating on her. Before long, the Los Angeles PI learns that there is plenty of marital cheating to go around.

When Elisa Elliot hires Malone to get the goods on her cheating husband, Mason, a celebrated Hollywood producer, he discovers more than he bargained for when he accepted the case. Not only does he find the husband is stepping out but that marital cheating is all the rage in the Elliot family’s social circle. Reynard Caldwell, a self-styled sex guru and founder of the Transformational Erotic Society, is orchestrating the hanky-panky, along with his pretty, smiling wife, Clarissa. All the cheating that’s going on explains why Spenser keeps running into other PIs hired by Reynard Caldwell’s devotees but doesn’t shed any light on why someone shot Mason Elliot dead at his company’s studio.

Malone soon finds himself investigating both individual depravity, murder, and a brand of sex therapy unconventional at best—and deadly—at worst, all in the interest of unfettered pursuit of profit.