Malone Private Investigator Series

Malone is a Los Angeles private eye cast in the mold of a modern-day version of Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlowe, a smart-mouthed tough guy with a heart of gold. Unlike the loner Marlowe, Malone maintains a committed relationship with one woman (Sara Bernstein).  Although he is an ex-soldier and streetwise ex-cop, Malone is well educated, well read, cooks, and lives by his own personal code of honor which often puts him at odds with the police and criminals alike.

Malone is a former LAPD homicide detective, and regularly seeks help from Jaime Reyes, his former partner and best friend who is a homicide detective assigned to the storied LAPD Robbery-Homicide Division (RHD).

After his parent’s death in a plane crash (which occurred when he was thirteen), Malone was raised by his paternal grandfather, a retired U.S.Marine Corp Gunnery Sergeant. Malone received a football scholarship to U.C.L.A.,where he played linebacker for the Bruins. After graduation, Malone entered the U.S. Army, completed officer candidate school, and served in U.S. Army Rangers including combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Malone’s family unit beyond his near-fraternal relationship with Reyes is essentially Sara Bernstein, an unofficial foster daughter named Bridgette Carpenter, and a dog named Trixie, a Terrier Mix that Malone and Bernstein share custody of. Bernstein, a psychiatrist sometimes assists Malone with his cases.

The Malone Private Investigator Series of Crime and Suspense Thrillers began with the publication of the first novel, Come What May, in November 2016. Come What May is a tale of Malone’s final case as an LAPD homicide detective, and is the only novel in the series written in the third person point of view.