kaikuwahine-u-uku-o-novel-larry-darter COMING SPRING 2020

Kaikuwahineʻuʻuku o means “little sister” in the Hawaiian language.

Kiwi expat and Honolulu private detective T.J. O’Sullivan is hired to find a missing Texan by his little sister. But, things get complicated when the case erupts like Kilauea in mystery, murder and mayhem.

Ezra Meadows left his home and family in Abilene, Texas to seek his fortune in Honolulu. But, six months later he’s dropped out of sight. His weekly emails back home have stopped and the text messages and calls from his worried mother and younger sister are going unanswered. The little sister, Ruthie Ann, a mousy, dowdy young woman has arrived in town to find her brother. Soon after Ruthie Ann hires T.J. to find Ezra things go wobbly. Ruthie Ann witnesses a brutal murder. She goes to the police but their investigation turns up nothing. Later when Ruthie Ann tells T.J. she believes the killer is following her intent on eliminating her as a witness, it soon becomes clear to T.J. that little sister knows more than she is telling. Next, dead bodies start piling up. How are the murders linked to Ezra’s disappearance?  And who is the mysterious killer Ruthie Ann is convinced is out to silence her for good?