Episode eight of the brand new modern-day American West crime fiction serial novel series that fans of Nevada Barr, Robert B. Parker, and Craig Johnson will love.

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Coming August 13, 2016


Episode 8:  First 48

Walt Longmire fans will love this eighth episode from the popular Perdido County contemporary Western serial mystery series featuring Sheriff Owen Wolfe and his feisty Latina deputy, Olivia Alvarez. When an unattended death call starts looking like a murder, Wolfe and his team of deputies get to work on unmasking the killer.

Owen Wolfe and his team respond to an unattended death scene in a wealthy Kimble neighborhood. At the first reading of the crime scene, it appears the deceased, Barbara Davis, was the victim of an accidental death after slipping on a slick surface and hitting her head on the edge of a landscaping stone. Davis had been seriously ill and weak for months from what her doctors believed was a viral infection of unknown origin. But, Wolfe notices something out of place at the death scene that leads him to take a more methodical look. After a second unsettling discovery, Wolfe believes Davis was murdered and the scene manipulated to make it look like it was an accidental death. The search for evidence to prove it was murder accelerates into a full sprint once the first 48 hours have passed and the clock is ticking.


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