Episode nine of the brand new modern-day American West crime fiction serial novel series that fans of Nevada Barr, Robert B. Parker, and Craig Johnson will love.

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Coming August 27, 2016


Episode 9:  Election Day

Cormac McCarthy, Craig Johnson, and C. J. Box fans will love Election Day, the ninth episode in author Larry Darter’s Owen Wolfe Mystery series, Perdido County, set in the harsh, but beautiful landscape of the Trans-Pecos region of modern-day West Texas.

When election day rolls around in Perdido County, Owen Wolfe learns whether he will continue his tenure as sheriff or will be out of a job. Meanwhile, while investigating a burglary, sassy Latina Deputy Olivia Alvarez recovers a stolen gun that turns out to be the weapon used by the killer in two, distant unsolved homicides. Things reach critical mass when the FBI turns up in Kimble with an interest in the gun and Alvarez’s burglary suspect. Wolfe works to repair the damage to his friendship with Alvarez, his sharpest and most dependable deputy, while his romantic involvement with Perdido County ranch owner Elisabet Bell continues to heat up.


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