In Double Trouble, the sixth installment of the Rick Bishop, Honolulu P.I. series, while trying to solve a friend’s murder, Bishop stumbles upon and gets hopelessly entangled in high stakes industrial espionage involving the communist Chinese government and a powerful but corrupt U.S. politician and her shady financier husband. Both parties are desperate to kill him to shut him up. Sure, trouble is Rick Bishop’s business. But can he survive double trouble when caught in the middle between two ruthless, powerful sets of villains?


Rick Bishop Honolulu P.I. Series, #6


Bishop meets and befriends Rachel Brooks, a young stage actress visiting Honolulu to perform in a musical. But when he witnesses her murder in front of his office, he investigates to find out who is behind the killing. When he follows a lead that takes him to a fancy beach house, two guys try to kill him. Out of desperation, Bishop renews his acquaintance with an attractive young attorney, Nicole Hersey, a former client. She insists on helping him with his investigation and the pair work together to track down the murderers. With Bishop’s girlfriend out of town, he and Nicole grow ever closer to each other as they investigate Rachel’s murder. Their search leads them first to a cell of covert Chinese intelligence operatives and then to a powerful but corrupt U.S. congresswoman, Jeannie Lugosi, and her unethical husband who runs a highly profitable but shady capital investment and consulting firm. But just when they figure out how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together, their snooping almost gets them killed. Caught between a rock, the ruthless, deadly communist foreign intelligence agents and a hard place, the vile, nasty politician accustomed to getting her way and using her political power for personal gain, Bishop and Nicole must continue gathering the evidence to prove who murdered Rachel Brooks, while staying a step ahead of the double trouble they are in to avoid getting killed.