Why I Started Best Crime Thriller Books Blog

In my spare time in between working on the two novels I'll be releasing this fall, I started a new blog, Best Crime Thriller Books. It's a good bit different than this one which focuses mostly on writing and publishing books. With the new blog, I can remove my author hat and put on my reader hat. If you knew me well, you'd know I'm just as passionate about reading books as I am writing them.

Is the blog title click-bait you ask? Yes, pretty much. Ha-ha  I researched some keywords around the topic I wanted to write about, crime thrillers, and best crime thriller books seemed a good one. After only a couple days I can confirm it is an effective keyword because many of the early visitors found the blog via that very search phrase.

Will I be using Best Crime Thriller Books to raise awareness about, and hopefully market my own crime fiction novels? Yes, of course, I will. Ha-ha  But, honestly the motivation behind the new blog is not purely selfish. I'm also planning to talk about other great crime thriller novels that I've either read myself and enjoyed or have heard about from others.

I plan to post about books written by other authors at least three times as often as I post about one of my own books. As an example, the blog post today is on John Sandford's new Lucas Davenport novel (The Prey series).

A regular weekly feature of Best Crime Thriller Books will be "Flashback Friday" where I'll write about some of the great crime fiction books of the past by the masters like Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett. I'll be writing this week's piece as soon as I hit publish on this one.

The crime thriller blog will be focused on indie authors, and small press published novels. However, I don't plan to ignore traditionally published books. Some of my favorite crime fictions authors publish traditionally, and I certainly wouldn't ignore covering and reviewing their books.

If you're a crime fiction fan, please stop by Best Crime Thriller Books and kick the tires. Also, if you have any crime thriller favorites you would like to see featured on the blog, do let me know. I haven't put together a contact page on the new blog yet, but I'll have something up very soon.

Best Crime Thriller Books:  https://bestcrimethrillerbooks.blogspot.com/

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