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Hello and welcome to the first blog post at the official site of Author Larry Darter! I’ve recently completely re-designed website. I hope you’ve taken an opportunity to look around it a bit. The website itself is the repository for everything related to the books—what they are about, where to get them, and what is coming next. I plan on utilizing the blog to provide readers with timely information—things like updates on my current projects, contest announcements, etc. Who knows? Here in the blog you might even become privy to other aspects of my life, things like some of my other passions beyond writing.

I’m truly excited about the upcoming release of Come What May, which will finally go on sale at Amazon on November 25, 2016. As you may realize, that’s “Black Friday,” the contemporary start of the Christmas holiday shopping season. In keeping with that, there will be special deals offered on the book the day of release.

If you followed my website in the past, you likely know that I originally planned to publish Come What May in October 2015, but it just didn’t happen. The main reason it wasn’t published last year was because I was just not satisfied with the plot. Instead of rushing to publication with a book that I wasn’t completely happy with and running the risk of disappointing my readers, I decided to push the book into 2016 to give me more time to produce a better book. I think I’ve accomplished that with a entirely re-worked story line that at least in my opinion, works far better than the original one.

If you’re new to Larry Darter.com, the official home of The Malone Novels, I hope you will consider subscribing to “The Malone Report” newsletter to stay abreast of all things Malone. I promise not to fill up your inbox. The newsletter will only go out a few times a year, when there is actually something I think my readers would like knowing about.

Thank you for reading and I hope you will continue visiting the site and this blog as new material becomes available. I’d love to connect with you, so feel free to leave a comment here or visit the contact page to drop me a line.


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