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This is something I've been planning to organize for a while now, street team promotion. Thus, the creation of Team Malone, the Official Street Team for the Malone Mystery Novels series. Let's talk about it.



Do you love detective, mystery, and thriller fiction? Delight in telling other people about the books you read recently? Spend time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.? Then you might be a perfect addition to my Team Malone street team!


Just so we're all on the same page here...a street team is a group of people who get an author's book for free, and in advance (ARC or advance review copy), so they can read it and post a review for the author on the day of the official book launch. Street team members also do some form of promotion (more about that a little later in this post) for the author during a book launch to help build "book buzz" (get the word out about a new book). Hence, the term, street team promotion.

In my case, members of the Team Malone street team will receive a free advance copy of my next novel, Cold Comfort, 4-6 weeks before its public release. Street team members will asked to read the book before release and if they like the book, to post a brief review on Amazon and Goodreads (same review on both). What if you don't like the book after reading it? Then you don’t have to do anything. The aim of the street team will be to help “create a buzz” about Cold Comfort by writing and posting the review on launch day.


As mentioned the ARC will be made available to street team members 4-6 weeks before the book is released to give the team ample time to read it, write a brief review, and have the review ready to post on launch day.

With regard to the promotional activities street team members will be asked to do, there will be suggested activities during a pre-launch phase, on launch day, and during a post-launch phase.

  • Pre-launch: The four weeks leading up to launch day (October 31-November 27, 2017).
  • Launch Day: The day of the book launch, the day it is released and goes on sale to the general public (November 28, 2017).
  • Post-launch: The four weeks after launch day (November 29-December 25, 2017).


Now I want to look specifically at the promotion activities the street team members will be asked to do. You aren't expected to do every activity. Ideally, each member will choose to do three activities from the list, but of course, you can do less then three, and it would be awesome if you chose to do more. Here's the list–

  • Write and post a brief review on Amazon and Goodreads on launch day.
  • Write and post a brief review on other online book review sites (e.g. Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, Kobo, iTunes, your local library’s website, or any other online review site). This can be the same review posted on Amazon and Goodreads. No one is expected to write two unique reviews.
  • Mention Cold Comfort on your social media pages.
  • Ask your social media followers to retweet or repost your tweets or posts about the book.
  • For those who have a blog, blog about the book.
  • Ask your local library to order a copy of the book (or donate a copy).
  • If you’re part of a book club, tell the club about the book and suggest it as a selection.
  • Point people you know to my website.
  • Write a review for your local newspaper.
  • Purchase copies of the book to give away as Christmas and birthday gifts.
  • Pin the book cover or other images from my website to Pinterest.
  • Post the book cover or other images from my website on Instagram.
  • Share your favorite quotes from the book on your social media pages.
  • Suggest the book on reading forums, like those found on GoodReads.

Of course, you aren't limited to the above suggestions. You're free to promote the book in other way you come with as well.


To summarize, you can utilize reader forums, your own social media pages, and even your own blog to do the suggested promotional activities.


It's probably obvious why I need and want volunteers for the Team Malone Street Team. As a new crime fiction author, even after publishing the first two books in the Malone Mystery Novels series, I remain largely an unknown author to at least 99% of the detective, mystery, and thriller readers who visit sites like Amazon in search for books to read. That effectively makes my first two Malone novels literally invisible to the bulk of those potential readers.

The purpose of this street team is to raise visibility. The benefit of greater visibility is that more people will discover, buy, and read my books. There are lots of potential benefits for me if you choose to join Team Malone and participate in the promotion activities. No big secrets there. That's why I created Team Malone. But why should you want to join the street team? How do you benefit?

Of course, I'll be tremendously grateful to those who join the team and help promote my book. But it's only fair that street team members get something of real value in return. After all, I'm asking you to give me a portion of your most valuable resource, your time, something we all have in limited supply. So here is what you can expect to get as a street team member, beyond just my sincere appreciation.

  • The free advance review copy of the book.
  • A free Kindle version of Cold Comfort.
  • Insider status. I'll be sharing things about the book with the street team long before that information becomes available to the general public.
  • The first twenty people who sign up for the street team will receive a free, signed, first edition copy of the paperback edition of Cold Comfort as soon as it is released.
  • All those who sign up for the street team will receive a free electronic copy of Come What May, the first book in the Malone Mystery Novels series, in their choice of format (Mobi, epub, or pdf).
  • All street team members will be eligible for the monthly street team contests that will run October-December 2017 and will have a chance to win some great prizes. Prizes like Amazon gift cards, free eBook detective, mystery, and thriller titles by other great authors from my personal list of favorites, gourmet coffee, Kindle eReaders, signed first edition copies of my books in hardcover, other book swag, and more. Three winners will be selected during each monthly contest.
  • Access to the exclusive private Team Malone Facebook group where you will be among those who get the scoop on all things Malone before anyone else.

Interested? Fill out the form below for your chance to be a part of this group. Team Malone. It's sort of like the A-Team. Only different. You won't be a fugitive hiding from the government.

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