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Running might seem a strange topic for a post on a crime fiction author's blog, but that's what I've decided to write about today.


Frankly, I haven't done any consistent running in quite a few years, however, in a time long ago in a galaxy far away, at least that's how it seems, I was a runner. The truth be known, quite a fanatical runner who for many years ran outdoors no matter the weather conditions, six days a week, logging more than a 100 miles a week.

During those years I ran a good many 5K, 8K, and 10K races. The marathon become popular, and so I started running those, eventually completing a half dozen of them. I even wrote and published a brief book on training for a first marathon.

I'm not sure why I stopped running. Maybe my work schedule wasn't conducive to it at the time, but nevertheless, I slipped out of the habit. A part of me has always missed it. A few times I made an effort to get back into it, but it never lasted. For a good while now I've thought about starting to run again regularly. I'm not very fit these days, but I'm healthy, and still capable of regaining some level of fitness. Today, I made up my mind to start.

There is a well-known running program for beginning runners called C25K (Couch to 5K). I've been aware of it for many years, but never actually used it. So now seems a good time to give it a try. It's a program specifically designed to get just about any couch potato off the couch and fit to run 5 kilometers or 30 continuous minutes in just 9 weeks.

It's always helpful when you are trying to start a new positive habit to tell other people you're doing it. It's an accountability thing. It helps to motivate you to stay with it. It's easy to start something and then quit if no one but you knew you started it. It's a little harder to do that once you've advertised your intentions to others. So I decided to use the blog to make the announcement that I'm taking up running again and if you're reading this then you've been drafted as one of my accountability partners.

I'll be posting updates about my progress over the next nine weeks. So if you're interested, please tune in from time to time to see how it's going. As a matter of fact, if you've been thinking about taking up exercise, maybe you would like to join me. This program is designed for gradual progress towards the ultimate goal of getting a person fit enough to run continuously for a half hour, so it's very doable for most folks.

If you do decide to join me, let me know with a comment below, and we'll lend each other mutual support over the coming weeks. The C25K program is now available as a smartphone app, but if you would like to check out a printed copy just visit this link:

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