Reading Deals: A Great Place to Get Free Kindle Books

There are so many free Kindle books available these days you could literally read as much as you want forever without ever having to buy a book for your Kindle. And no Kindle Unlimited subscription is required.

Thanks to the Indie publishing movement explosion, it’s now easier than ever to get free Kindle books when you know where to look. If you don’t already have your own go-to bargain book deal site, in this post, I’ll introduce you to one of my favorites and will walk you through the process of finding and downloading the free Kindle books that you want to start reading.


Every day, authors and publishers discount their books. Many give their books away absolutely free. They do this to gain more exposure for their books. Here is the reason why.

The good folks at Just Publishing Advice estimate that there are over 5 million Kindle eBooks available today. Unless an author is a household name or at least someone with a substantial following, just uploading a book to Amazon doesn’t necessarily equate to book sales.

Unless looking for a specific book, or books by a favorite author, research shows that the way most Amazon customers browse for books works like this. They enter a search term, let’s say “mystery bestsellers” or something similar related to their preferred genre, and hit enter. The Amazon algorithm goes to work. Customers get book recommendations that Amazon feels are most relevant to the search terms used. The results of a bestseller search run to five pages, each page showing 20 books, or the top 100 books in the genre searched.

Since Amazon is in business to sell books and wants to sell as many as possible, the recommendations given to customers are ranked results, with the number 1 best-selling book at the top of page 1 and the one-hundredth best-selling book at the end of page five. Research shows that most Amazon customers never look beyond the first page or two before choosing a book to buy. That explains the glut of free and heavily discounted Kindle eBooks.

Most books ranked between 41-100 won’t even be seen much less purchased by most Amazon book buying customers. Now think about all those books that didn’t make the top 100 bestsellers cut. The prospects of those books being discovered on Amazon or of being purchased are nothing short of abysmal. The books are literally invisible on the virtual Amazon bookshelves. Thus, most authors and publishers have no choice. They must offer their books at a heavy discount or even give them away free to have any hope of attracting a readership.

Enter the Kindle eBooks Discount and Freebies Sites

A whole cottage industry of free and cheap Kindle eBooks aggregators has sprung up on the web. They find the deals and freebies and then bring them to the attention of their subscribers with daily emails, on-site listings, and social media sharing. They make their money from fees charged to the authors and publishers who are willing to pay to have these sites market their discounted or free books.

There are many such sites out there on the Internet, but I’m only going to talk about one that I personally use and like. And in case you’re wondering, I am not an affiliate of the site and do not receive compensation to promote them. I simply like the site, I use it constantly, and I visited it today and thought I’d share my own experiences with it for the benefit of anyone who likes discounted or free eBooks.

Reading Deals

Reading deals is one of the many cheap and free Kindle eBooks aggregators and promoters I mentioned. In this post, I’m focusing only on Reading Deals services for readers and won’t be discussing the services they offer to authors and publishers.

Reading Deals is a very well-organized and user-friendly site. You can subscribe to the eBook deals email they send out every day and get your recommendations that way. Or, you can simply go to the website and click on the “Recent Deals” page to view them. There is even an option to search by genre for cheap and free books. Whether you love contemporary fiction, mysteries, thrillers, romance, sci-fi & fantasy, YA fiction, or even non-fiction titles, chances are you will find a great read at Reading Deals for 99 cents or free.

I have seen a few eBooks that are available in Nook, iTunes, and Kindle formats, but predominantly, it’s Kindle eBooks you will find listed on Reading Deals. Besides subscribing to the daily emails or browsing the “Recent Deals” page, there is one other way to get free eBooks from Reading Deals. They offer a great may eBooks free in exchange for an honest review. To access those eBooks, you must sign up for the Reading Deals Review Club, which is absolutely free.

Once you sign up for the review club, you tell Reading Deals your favorite genre, and provide them with your Kindle email address. Then you can check the list of available books, and if you find one you want to read, you check it out free. The site sends the book directly to your Kindle, via your Kindle email address. You have 28 days to read the book and to submit your review. You have the option of posting your review to Amazon and Goodreads, but only the Amazon review is required. Being an author and knowing how important getting reviews is, I opted for the review club right away and have read some excellent books in return for a brief, honest review.

If you don’t have a Kindle, no worries. You can still be a part of the review club. There is a free Kindle reading app that you can get for your smartphone or tablet. The app will assign you the Kindle email address which Reading Deals will use to send you free books. After you’ve installed the app, then you are all set to get your free Kindle books.

Just to clarify, if you aren’t interested in the review club, you won’t need to provide your Kindle email address because you won’t be getting books directly from Reading Deals. Instead, you will just click on the link to a book that interests you and will be taken to the book page where it is available to download it directly.

If you see free Kindle eBooks that you want to read, download them right away. Authors and publishers are interested in making a living just like the rest of us, so most books are offered at a discount or for free only for a limited time. Prices change and change often. A book that is free today might not be free next week.

As an aside, the first book in the Ben Malone series, Come What May, while now back at regular price after the March Madness promotion last month, is available to read free in exchange for an honest review by joining the Reading Deals Review Club. It’s listed there in the Mystery section. You can read an excerpt here on my website.

If you try out Reading Deals, I’d really appreciate it if you would post a comment here about your experiences with the site. Personally, I really love it.

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