Read Cold Comfort Novel FREE on Inkitt

Read Cold Comfort Free on Inkitt

For a limited time, you can read my Cold Comfort novel, the third book in the Malone Novels series FREE on Inkitt. The full novel is available. I just recently learned of Inkitt and decided to experiment with it by uploading my book there as an entry in the Inkitt Novel Contest.

Whether or not you're interested in reading the entire book, I'd very much appreciate it if you would visit the book page and vote for it.

What is Inkitt?

Inkitt is an online platform where authors can post their manuscripts, and readers can read them for free for a limited amount of time. While similar in some respects to Wattpad, Inkitt also bills itself as "the world’s first reader-powered book publisher."

Inkitt uses a proprietary algorithm that analyzes the reading behavior of users to predict the potential of the manuscripts uploaded to the site. Authors with well-performing books may be offered a publishing deal by Inkitt. The platform's team works closely with authors selected for publication to maximize each book’s potential.

Once the Inkitt team sees that a novel is performing really well on the site, they contact the author to offer them a publishing deal and invite the author to sign a contract. The company's team of professional editors makes sure that the manuscript is up to snuff by giving it two rounds of in-depth editing. After the editing, a proofreader goes through the manuscript one final time to polish it.

Inkitt also produces the book cover. Three different cover options are created for the author to choose from. The author is then encouraged to run tests on social media to see how potential readers react to each cover.

Inkitt emphasizes that the author remains completely involved in the entire process and is considered the chief editor. Platform editors are viewed as consultants who will suggest changes and ideas, but the final say remains with the author.

Once a selected book had been published in paperback, and as an eBook, Inkitt also provides the author promotion and marketing assistance. To accomplish that, the team runs ads on multiple social media networks, schedules book events, and obtains reviews for the book in advance of the book launch using a network of 20,000 book reviewers, bloggers and booktubers.

How it Works

Inkitt's approach to publishing is based on crowd wisdom. The proprietary algorithm provides the objective data on reading patterns that Inkitt believes can best predict the potential to reach a large readership.

To start the process, authors can either write their book or upload their completed manuscript to Inkitt. Manuscripts must meet the platform's guidelines which are quite standard. Authors are then responsible for publicizing their book to attract readers. Inkitt does provide helpful tips on best practices for attracting an audience. The main take away here is that there is more too it than just uploading a book to the platform. To get your book noticed and discovered by readers, you will have to do the work promoting it.

One of the coolest features on the site is a progress bar on your author dashboard. Once you've uploaded your book, and once readers start to find and read it, the bar keeps you visually posted on how the algorithm is progressing in collecting the data that will determine whether you have a chance at getting a publishing deal. According to the site, the better you do with promoting your book  and attracting an audience, the faster the process goes.

I hope you will consider visiting the page for my book on Inkitt. I'd really appreciate it if you would vote for my book. If you should decide to try Inkitt with one of your books, please let me know and I'll be happy to support yours in return.

A registration is required to read and vote on the site, but it's both free and easy to register. Like so many sites these days, if you don't want to register with an email, you can simply sign up using an existing social media account.   

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