The Malone Mystery Novels

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Fair Is Foul and Foul Is Fair (The Malone Mystery Novels - Book 2)

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A beautiful blonde socialite, with a penchant for seduction and secrets to keep, witnesses a murder, and turns to LA private eye Ben Malone, for help. Known for playing it fast and loose with the rules, the eccentric Shamus has a decided weakness for attractive women. A vicious LA mob figure gets tossed into the mix and the body count rises. What else could go wrong?

Maverick hero and former Hollywood Division police detective Ben Malone, from Come What May, is back in another action-packed, thrilling adventure, this time as a Los Angeles private investigator.

After resigning from the Los Angeles Police Department, Malone is making the transition to running his own private detective agency. A drop-dead gorgeous blonde, with an odd request, pays Malone a visit and asks for his help. The sultry, enchantress confides to Malone that she has just witnessed a murder, but can't go to the police with her story. She explains that she is married to a member of Los Angeles society's upper crust, but also moonlights at an upscale LA escort service. She is fearful that might all be exposed if she gets personally involved in a murder investigation, especially an investigation in which one of her own johns was the victim.

Malone is a headstrong guy who doggedly follows his own personal code of ethics, but sometimes plays things a little fast and loose with other rules, not to mention the law. He also has a serious weakness when it comes to attractive women. Mesmerized by the strikingly beautiful woman, she easily gains his sympathies. A hefty upfront cash retainer helps seal the deal. Malone agrees to help her while promising to keep her identity a secret from the police.

Malone devises a plan. All he has to do is find, identify, and implicate the murder suspects so that they come to the attention of the police. Then the criminal justice system can take its course without involving his client. All in all, at the beginning, Malone regards the case innocuous enough, and even an easy money assignment. That is until things start to unravel.

Three more murders occur that are connected to the one witnessed by his client before Malone even gets started on the case. From there, like an out of control roller coaster, things go downhill fast and from bad to worse. First, Malone learns that the string of murders is mob-connected. The man believed behind them is a heavy hitter, the violent and ruthless head of the Ukrainian mafia in Los Angeles. He is a man who Malone soon learns will stop at nothing to get his hands on Malone's client. Malone's own love interest, feisty psychiatrist Sara Bernstein gets caught in the crosshairs when she abducted and held hostage by the mobster as leverage to force Malone to betray the whereabouts of his client. Along the way, Malone also discovers that things may not be as they first appeared with his drop-dead gorgeous client. She may be a femme fatale up to her pretty little ears in some criminal malfeasance of her own.

Malone races against time, first to rescue the woman he loves, and then to sort the innocent from the guilty in time to escape in one piece from what rapidly evolves into a complicated web of deceit and criminal wrongdoing where it seems that fair is foul, and foul is fair.

Come What May (The Malone Series - Book 1)

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A woman is found brutally murdered inside her Los Angeles townhouse. Los Angeles Police detectives conclude she was the victim of a burglary gone sideways. The leads are thin and the case goes cold. Twenty-three years later, Detective Ben Malone comes across the case while temporarily assigned to the LAPD cold case homicide unit. 

After reviewing the murder book, Malone realizes that for some bizarre reason the original investigators never looked beyond the flawed "burglary gone bad" theory of how and why the murder occurred. The more he studies the case, the more obsessed he becomes with solving it. When it becomes evident that his supervisor won't authorize re-opening the case, Malone chooses to skirt department policy by embarking on an unofficial off the books investigation into the old case. Suddenly Malone finds himself in serious trouble and his problems begin to mount. It soon becomes apparent that there are some powerful forces at work, aimed at derailing Malone's efforts to solve the decades-old murder.

The forces arrayed against Malone, both inside and outside the LAPD, will stop at nothing to prevent the truth about the murder from seeing the light of day. Malone, however, refuses to let sleeping dogs lie. The more barriers and obstacles that are thrown up in his path, the more determined he becomes to break the case, come what may. Even if it costs him his police career. 


All Our Yesterdays

Ben Malone, the tough, freewheeling hero of the action-packed crime fiction novel Come What May is back, this time as a Los Angeles private eye and starring in the very first Malone short story.

Amanda Gates, the wife of a California candidate for the U.S. Senate, pays Malone a visit. The woman who once had a checkered past confides to Malone that a thug she used to work with at a Los Angeles strip club is blackmailing her, threatening to reveal her past life to destroy her husband's political career.

Malone agrees to intercede with the blackmailer, but as he tries to find him, stumbles across a large stash of cocaine inside the blackmailer's apartment. Malone takes the drugs and turns the stash over to an LAPD narcotics officer.

In a bind with his supplier after the cocaine goes missing, the blackmailer tracks down Malone, and the real action begins.