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Get Come What May for Just 99¢

For many of us, March Madness brings to mind the men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament. Selection Sunday for 2017, slated for March 12, is just around the corner. But if reading a good mystery novel is more your style than watching buzzer-beating jump shots, emerging unlikely heroes, and bracket-busting college basketball upsets, we’re celebrating March Madness with a great book deal.

During the month of March, the debut Malone mystery novel, Come What May, will be on sale for just 99 cents. You may never have the chance to make a steal on the hardwoods at the college basketball tournament, but priced at less than a buck, you can get a steal of a deal from your favorite digital bookseller on the first Ben Malone series mystery novel.

Celebrating Expanded Distribution

In addition to celebrating March Madness with this promo, we are also celebrating expanded distribution for Come What May. For readers who don’t get their great reads from the Kindle Store, the eBook version is now available from most major booksellers. Here is just a sample.

Click on a Button to Buy Come What May, or to Learn More

In addition to the above booksellers, Come What May, will also be available for just 99 cents from Inktera and Scribd. Just click this Books2Read universal book link to go to the page showing all the digital stores where you can get the book for 99 cents during this limited time promo.

The actual dates of this limited time promotion are March 12-26, 2017, to correspond with the dates of the March Madness NCAA Tournament. While most of the digital stores respond to prices changes within 48 hours, to accommodate the variances among stores, we will modify the book price on or around March 1 to ensure the promotional price is in effect at all stores no later than March 12.

Have you been thinking about grabbing a copy of Come What May for a while now but just haven’t yet? If so, depending on who your favorite digital book retailer is, you should be able to buy a 99 cent copy well before March 12. That should allow ample time for you to read the book (and hopefully post your sterling review on Amazon) and still have plenty of time to fill out your bracket for this year’s NCAA tournament.

Okay, I’m kidding about the “sterling review” part, but seriously, I’d be truly grateful if you would post a brief, honest review on Amazon after reading the book. That helps us, authors, more than you know unless of course you are an author too and then you know exactly how much it helps.

Thanks for reading the post and thanks in advance to those who decide to take advantage of the March Madness offer. For those of you who enjoy the men’s tournament as much as I do, may the force be with you when you fill in your brackets this year.

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