Malone Mystery Novels Book 4 Reveal: Foregone Conclusion


Coming in 2018

Foregone Conclusion Book 4 in The Malone Mystery Novels Series Slated for Release in 2018

Foregone Conclusion, the fourth novel in the Malone Mystery Series is slated for publication next year. The book cover has been finalized and if you’re curious to know more about Malone’s next adventure, here is the back cover book description.


More than 15 years after the biggest diamond heist in U.S. history, the whereabouts of $28 million worth of the stolen gems remains a mystery. Are they hidden beneath the floorboards of an abandoned building somewhere? Were they sold to Arab princes on the down low? Or are the diamonds in some jewelry store’s window the very same ones stolen in 2003, laundered through middlemen until they were clean enough for a legitimate dealer to buy them?

Los Angeles PI Ben Malone is good at finding things. Whether it be a missing person, a runaway child, a deadbeat ex-spouse, or hidden assets. The insurance company that swallowed the loss wants to hire Malone to answer those questions. Along with the case, they offer him the promise of a $50,000 bonus if he recovers the diamonds.

But, even for Malone, successfully recovering the loot from a 15-year-old heist is no foregone conclusion. Kyle Murray, one of three men responsible for the heist, and the only suspect arrested for the crime did his time without telling anyone what happened to the missing diamonds. Fifteen years later, Murray has been paroled and promptly disappeared, his whereabouts unknown.

Malone, lured by the chance at a $50,000 payday,  takes the job. But once Malone and his new partner, T. J. O’Sullivan, get to work, it becomes clear that the case is far more challenging, not to mention treacherous than they’d assumed. Not only do they find themselves following a convoluted trail of clues halfway across the globe, but they also discover they aren’t the only ones on the trail of Murray and the stolen gems. Along the way, they encounter a shyster lawyer, and his cold-blooded female partner, who quickly demonstrate they will stop at nothing, including murder, to eliminate any competition in the search for the fortune in diamonds.


Want to know more about Malone’s new female Kiwi sidekick? If so, you needn’t wait until Foregone Conclusion comes out next year. T. J. O’Sullivan, a strong female character who is as lethal as she is beautiful, was introduced in the recently released book 3, Cold Comfort.

Cold Comfort is available in hardcover and paperback from most booksellers. The electronic edition goes on sale Friday, November 24 at all online bookstores. You can pre-order your copy now at a special pre-order price.

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