Honolulu Blues


Honolulu Blues (T. J. O'Sullivan Series Book 2)


Widowed Los Angeles socialite Madison Edwards thought she'd found her soulmate on an Internet dating site. He was a handsome, charming, tenured professor of comparative literature at the University of Hawaii. Madison fell so hard for Dr. Bernard Clemens that she didn't even think twice about accepting his invitation to visit him in Honolulu. Clemens even generously treats her to a suite for her visit at a fashionable 5-star resort hotel on Waikiki. But, only three days into the visit, Madison awakes one morning to find Clemens missing from her bed, and more than $250,000 worth of her jewelry missing from her hotel room safe. Beside herself and not knowing what to do, Madison calls a Los Angeles private investigator that her deceased husband had done business with, Ben Malone. Malone refers her to a colleague of his in Honolulu, assuring Madison that his associate will track down Clemens and help get her jewelry back.

Enter T. J. O'Sullivan, who quickly discovers that everything about Clemens is phony including his name. Instead of a professor of literature at the University of Hawaii, Bernie Clements is actually a notorious local jewelry thief who preys on lonely wealthy widows. When T. J. starts to dig deeper, she learns that when Clements disappeared, he not only left behind a jilted lover, but a very angry Chinese criminal gang looking for revenge.

T. J. soon realizes that finding Bernie won't be easy, especially while having to stay a step ahead of the murderous gangsters. As the trail winds from Honolulu to Hong Kong, T. J. calls on trusted allies HPD detective Mike Young and business partner Jackie Fitzgerald for help to make sure that Madison Edwards is Clements' last victim.

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