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I happened across a new website/tool today for authors. It's called Bublish, and the site claims it can help connect authors with new potential readers. With thousands of new books being published daily, if it works as advertised, Bubblish could become a game-changer for book marketing by independent authors and publishers.

Can Authors Bublish Their Way to More Readers?

The biggest challenge independent authors face today isn’t finishing a book and getting it published, but getting the book noticed once they get there. Visibility is really the name of the game these days with literally thousands of new books hitting the virtual shelves of Amazon and the other online booksellers every single day.

It can be difficult to publish a successful book for authors that know far too little about book promotion and marketing, sadly a club I admit being a member of. Without an effective marketing plan, it is difficult to sell many copies of your book because few potential readers know it even exists.

Developing an effective promotion and marketing plan is hard for those of us who don't know enough about marketing and actually find it the part of writing and publishing that we like least. After all, who wants to come off looking like a sleazy used car salesman?

So, when a new platform comes along that demonstrates the kind of ingenuity that could possibly help get books noticed in the ever-growing crowded marketplace, I'm all over it. At least from my early look at it, Bublish seems to be such a platform.

How Bubblish Works

After signing up with Bubblish, you create a profile similar to those on other book-related websites with a photo and bio. You upload a book cover, a synopsis, and an ePub file for your book (or books). Don't worry. Your book files won't be shared and are not available to anyone but you. The purpose of uploading the book files is so that you can use the files later in the process to create the namesakes of Bublish, book Bubbles.

Bubbles are social media sharing ready excerpts from your book or books. Bubbles contain your photo, bio, a book excerpt, and links to the retailers where interested readers can find your book. Once you have created a Bubble, to publish it, you simply share it on Twitter or Facebook. After doing that, the Bubble also shows up in a feed on the Bublish website which has reader members as well as author members.

From your dashboard, you have access to some useful analytics that Bublish provides. Analytics include number of views of your Bubbles from the social media platforms where you shared them, views of your social media profiles driven by the Bubbles you shared, and conversions, the number of people who have viewed your Bubbles on social media that clicked on a book retailer link.

What Does Bublish Cost?

Cost of our book promotion and marketing efforts is a concern for most independent authors, especially if you're a new author and just getting started. For what the site appears to offer, in my opinion, Bublish seems affordable.

You start with a free 7-day trial when you first sign up. No credit card information is required or requested. After the trial period expires, you can opt to continue as a paying subscriber for $9.95 per month, or you can choose to continue with a free account.

A free account limits you to promoting only one book through the site and removes access to many of the bells and whistles the site offers like the analytics mentioned earlier. But it seems there is still some value to signing up with Bublish even if you choose not to become a paying subscriber, especially if you're a new author with only one book out.

When it comes to a social book discovery and commerce platform with the potential of increasing visibility for your books, Bublish seems to fit that bill. I just signed up today to have a look and to kick the tires. I signed up, completed my profile, and created my first Bubble for Come What May, the first novel in the Malone Mysteries series. I'm already impressed with the number of views my first Bubble has received on social media. In the less than an hour, the first Bubble I posted was viewed far more times than many of the posts I usually make.

Since authors can join Bublish for free with the no commitment 7-day free trial, it seems like a no-brainer to give it a try. Once I've completed my 7-day trial, I'll post a review of my experiences with Bublish. Please check back and give it a read, especially if you would rather wait to try Bublish until after you get a chance to read someone's review of the platform.

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