Publication Date: November 14, 2017

Publisher: Fedora Press

Binding Type: Hardcover (Print)

ISBN: 978-0-692-98588-5

Library of Congress Control Number:  2017917855

No. of Pages: 306



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Cold Comfort

Los Angeles' top private eye investigates the murder of one of Hollywood's most elite movie stars.

When thirty-nine-year-old Holly Sutherland, darling of the Hollywood film set, is found in her bed with multiple stab wounds and her throat cut, it's hard not to believe Holly's estranged husband wasn't wielding the knife. The L.A.P.D. is convinced he did it and have already arrested him and thrown him into the county slammer. Even his lawyer thinks he's guilty. But given that Zack Sinclair is entitled to the best defense he can afford—and thanks to Sutherland's millions that Zack is first in line to inherit, he can afford plenty. Malone hires on to investigate, not to clear Sinclair, but to find the truth about his wife's murder.

Sinclair's alibi is non-existent—he claims he was alone watching television in the guest house on Sutherland's estate when the murder occurred. But the couple was seen fighting at a high-profile dinner party at a local Hollywood restaurant earlier that evening. What's more, Zack Sinclair has a reputation as one of Hollywood's bad boys. His appetite for booze, gambling, and extramarital affairs are outsized only by his inflated ego. He is exactly the kind of defendant a jury loves to hate.

Malone's investigation goes nowhere at first as no one will tell him a damn thing. Then a man Malone talked with, turns up dead. Things start looking darker and meaner seemingly by the moment—and Malone is quickly having to watch his own back.