The Malone Novels


In the quiet of early morning, on a late-January day, twenty-eight-year-old Mary Beth Anderson is brutally murdered inside her Los Angeles townhouse... READ MORE


When a drop-dead gorgeous socialite with a wad of cash walks into Ben Malone’s office with a sordid tale to tell, he does what any self-respecting private... READ MORE


When thirty-nine-year-old Holly Sutherland, darling of the Hollywood film set, is found in her bed with multiple stab wounds and her throat cut, it's hard not to... READ MORE


More than 15 years after the biggest diamond heist in U.S. history, the whereabouts of $68 million worth of the stolen gemstones remains a mystery... READ MORE


On the surface, except for a strict, ill-tempered father, Bridgette Carpenter seemed to have everything a teenage girl could want. She had a family, nice clothes...READ MORE

The T.J. O'Sullivan Novels


When Los Angeles P.I. T. J. O'Sullivan is sent to Honolulu by her boss to track down a client's missing daughter, it seems like a simple missing person case. O'Sullivan is excited by the prospect of mixing a... READ MORE


Madison Edwards, a wealthy but lonely widow from Los Angeles, thought she’d found her soulmate on an online dating site. She fell so hard for the handsome, seemingly cultured Bernard Clements... READ MORE

Brandi Camargo runs Makana Antiques and Treasures, an upmarket antique shop in Honolulu. She hires T. J. O'Sullivan to track down a rare three-thousand-year-old Chinese artifact worth over half a million... READ MORE