Book Review Club

Hello, fellow reader. Does this sound at all familiar?

  • You love reading mysteries, suspense and thrillers

  • You're always on the lookout to discover good new mystery authors

  • You've already read your favorite author's new fall release and are facing a 12-month wait for the next book in the series

  • You like the idea of getting quality mystery books absolutely free

  • You're willing to write and post brief and honest Amazon reviews in exchange for free books

If that describes you, we have an exciting offer for you. FREE mysteries for your honest Amazon reviews!

The Books

Currently, we have three novels from The Malone Mystery series available for review.


How the Review Club works

  • You request via email the book you're interested in reading and reviewing

  • We send you the download link by return email

  • You download the book in your preferred format

  • You read the book and post an honest review on Amazon within 14 days of requesting the book


Do I only get one free book to review?

Absolutely not. You are welcome to read and review all three novels. However, you must send us the link to your Amazon review for the book currently checked out before you may request another book. In addition, the fourth novel in the series is scheduled for release in the summer of 2018. As a review club member you will be notified when the book has been completed. You will be among the first given the opportunity to read it which will be well before the book is published.

Can the books be downloaded to my eBook reader?

Yes! We offer our books in all electronic formats. The book link we send you will take you to our partner review editions site, Book Funnel. Book Funnel delivers our books to our review club members without any hassle. No matter what device you have, Book Funnel will make sure you get your book in the correct format. Book Funnel doesn't require a login, and they don't track any of your data. They have an app that readers can install on some devices to make the download experience smoother, but they don't require any of your information to install it. And, the app is completely optional. You can download your book to your reader without it, and Book Funnel is always ready to provide support if you have any problems.

Do I need a reader to download and read your books?

No. Our books can be downloaded to readers, to reading apps like Amazon's or you can download the book in PDF and read it right on your computer screen or tablet if you prefer.

What if I can't finish and post the review within the 14 days?

Life gets in the way sometimes, despite our best intentions. If you can't get your review written and posted within the 14 days, please just do so as soon as you possible can. If we haven't received your review link after 14 days, we will send you a friendly courtesy reminder after 14 days, 21 days, 28 days, etc. The only penalty for late reviews is that you won't be able to download another book until your review for the one currently checked out is posted.

How do I send you my Amazon review link?

Easy. Once you post your review, Amazon will send you a thank you email. Click on the link in the email and you will be taken to your review. Scroll down to the permalink near the bottom of the page and copy it. Then use our contact form to send us the link. Please type "Book Review" in the subject line on the form.


Ready to Start Reading?

Just send us an email telling us which book you want to read and review.