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Praise For Cold Comfort

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"A super private eye series that keeps you entertained and guessing!" - Amazon Reviewer

"I was totally intrigued by this whole story, from start to finish, and look forward to reading more about Private Investigator Ben Malone and his adventures!" -BookGobbler Reviewer

"Very Enjoyable Classic Noir Private Investigator Tale." - Goodreads Reviewer

"I have purchased all of the Malone books. Every one has been a great read! Really enjoy this author's work!" -Amazon Reviewer

"This is a great suspense story with plenty of twists and turns that will keep you guessing! This being the third in the series I am now going to be looking for the first two and awaiting the fourth!!" -Amazon Reviewer

Let's Be Friends


On Sale April 10

It was supposed to be a routine missing person case, but when Los Angeles P.I. T. J. O'Sullivan arrives in Honolulu, the case becomes anything but. Instead, it becomes a mare's nest of extortion, betrayal, and murder with T.J. caught right in the middle.

Mare's Nest, the debut novel in the new series featuring the character P.I. T. J. O'Sullivan, Malone's female Kiwi sidekick from Cold Comfort goes on sale April 10 at your favorite bookseller.

Don't miss this action-packed, plot-driven crime fiction thriller set in the tropics. If you enjoy the Malone novels, you'll love T. J. O'Sullivan. A native of New Zealand, she has the accent and an attitude to go with it. T. J. is smart, sassy, sexy, and tough as old boots.