New Release: Malone Mystery Novels Book 2 Now on Sale

Things are not always as they first appear

Fair Is Foul and Foul Is Fair, the second book in the Malone Mystery Novels series is on sale now as an eBook and in print. It is available in paperback and hardcover.

The electronic version is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes, Smashwords, and other fine online eBook retailers.

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"Truth is stranger than fiction," or so the old Mark Twain saying goes.

In some cases, the truth is the basis for some incredible fiction.

If you like knowing that a book is based on real life before you dive in, you'll love this murder mystery novel!

What can you expect from Come What May?

  • Proof that fact is often stranger than fiction.
  • A story that brings to life in a whole new way an infamous case ripped straight from the files of the Los Angeles Police Department.
  • As the debut novel in The Malone Novels series an introduction to the leading character of the series, Ben Malone, a veteran Los Angeles Police Department detective.
  • The dramatic story of an investigation of a 23-year-old cold case homicide that takes Malone down a path of betrayal, dark choices, and shocking turns, sending him hurtling into more trouble than he ever dreamed possible.

"Loved it! I am excited for the next in the series." Amazon Reviewer

"Gripping story." Amazon Reviewer

"Great read...Will definitely be reading more." Amazon Reviewer

"Insight into how crime can be covered up." Amazon Reviewer

"Great read. Highly recommend." Amazon Reviewer

"Excellent Read! You will not be disappointed." Amazon Reviewer

About the Author

Larry Darter, retired crime fighter turned crime writer, has written and published non-fiction books on topics ranging from popular culture to personal finance. Come What May is his debut crime fiction novel, the first book in the Detective Ben Malone series. What matters most to you is that he understands how to craft the compelling stories he wants to tell into books readers want to read.



Expanded Distribution Set for Come What May

Effective February 20, 2017, Come What May, the digital version, enters expanded distribution. The debut novel of the Malone Mystery Series is now available from most major eBook retailers. In addition to Amazon, the digital version will now be available at Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, Inktera, Scribd, 24Symbols, and Tolino.

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Please note that while expanded distribution is effective February 20, it can take up to two weeks for the book to become available at all the outlets listed above. The time it takes for the book to show up on individual sites in not controlled by the publisher. Each digital store has a different timetable for adding newly available titles.

If you follow the above link and don't find your favored retailer listed, please check again a few days later. Once we receive confirmation that the book is available from all stores, we will modify this post to announce it.

Now available wherever eBooks are sold. Available in print from most bookstores.



Cold Comfort

Cold Comfort; more thrills, more chills, more suspense, more action, and more Malone!

One of Hollywood's elite stars has been murdered, the accused her estranged husband, Zack Sinclair. The situation doesn't look good for Sinclair, whose appetites for booze, gambling, and extramarital sex are as outsized as his ego. To make matters worse, he is on the hook to his bookie for a quarter million bucks and with next to no alibi, he had multi-million reasons to kill his wealthy wife. The jury's going to hate him. Sinclair needs the best defense money can buy, and in LA, that kind of help has a name, Ben Malone, private eye.

The third novel in the Malone Mystery series is set for release November 24, 2017.

The eBook is available for pre-order from the following retailers.